From an early age, Krystal had a passion for hair extensions, starting her career when she was just 14. In 2007, she got serious about the manufacturing process, sourcing and customizing European hair in bulk after finding a huge gap in the market, annoyed by the inconsistency of big brands and the unreliable quality that was being offered.

And so, "luxelabel hair extensions" was born. She created her own line of hair extensions and, for the past 17 years, has continually provided top-notch, ethically sourced human hair extensions.

Luxelabel Hair isnt just another website offering Hair Extensions online. Krystal is also a renowned salon owner in Australia, having employed & trained 45+ team members and attended to thousands of clients a year in the Luxelabel Salon. 

Krystal's extensive knowledge of the hair industry guarantees her full understanding of the hair extension process and the necessary qualities of high-quality extensions with a wide range of colors, allowing her to stay ahead of the latest trends.