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Colour Matching Tips

Getting the right colour match for your Luxelabel Hair extensions is essential for achieving the 100% natural and perfect look that you want. However, selecting the right colour can pose a challenge, particularly when making a colour match online. Nevertheless, the process of finding the perfect shade of hair extensions for your locks can become much simpler with some research and handy tips. We have plenty of helpful advice to ensure you choose the right colour for Luxelabel Hair extensions.


1. Match to the ends of you hair
Your extensions must blend seamlessly with the ends of your hair, where the wefts will be most noticeable. Your natural hair will lay on top of them, creating a natural look and feel, so the two have to mix together without any visible difference. Moreover, avoid matching the roots of your natural hair to the colour of the clip-in extensions, as the roots of your hair will be darker than the ends


2. Match a shade lighter
If you are uncertain which shade to select, we suggest you opt for a slightly lighter option. This is because if the extensions are a shade lighter than your hair, they will still blend and create a soft balayage effect. Otherwise, you can always dye them darker. Lightening extensions is not recommended. It is important to avoid bleaching Remy human hair extensions as this can shorten the life span of the extensions and destroy its colour, texture, and softness.


3. Use our online colour matching form
Luxelabel Hair offers a free, easy-to-use colour matching service so you can find the right hair extension shades for your hair. To take advantage of this service, take two photos of your hair (front & back) in normal lighting, upload them to the colour match page, fill out the form & hit submit. CLICK HERE to match.



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