Russian Tape Extensions Ash Blonde

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We supply our luxurious and silky soft Russian Tape Hair Extensions to many salons across the world, much loved for its thickness and quality LUXELABEL tape extensions are made from only the finest Russian human hair that is hand selected, processed with eco-friendly materials, and is 100% ethically sourced.  Experience high quality hair that lasts and lasts and blends in perfectly with your own hair.  This high quality human hair gets hand selected only from the healthiest virgin ponytails. Because of it’s high quality, matting and tangling is drastically reduced. The cuticle remains intact wash after wash and tangle-free throughout its lifetime.

To offer a range of colors we use a unique hair coloring process that is 100% eco-friendly and takes long time to process due to it's premium genuine virgin quality. The hair goes through a 12 step slow color process which carefully depigments and recolors the hair using the finest high quality eco-friendly materials. This gentle process keeps the hair in its virgin state because it doesn't use any harsh acids, chemicals, and or high heat baths. This slow and gentle process yields high quality virgin state hair that lasts 1-2 years with proper care. 

  • 20 Pieces per set 
  •  55 grams per set
  • 100% Human Russian Hair
  • Strong hold blue tape for durabilty (allergy free)
  • Virtually invisible in the hair
  • 2.5g / piece -  4cm / piece
  • Available in lengths 20 - 28 inches
Approximately 2 packs required for a Full head